Drama Club Fundraising With Drama Workshops For Kids

One great way to raise money for the many expenses your drama club has involves using your drama club members’ dramatic talents. Why not share your team’s skills with a younger generation and make some money?

Organize a Drama Workshop weekend where each of the members of your drama club will be utilized and will have the opportunity to share their unique skills with children from the higher elementary level grades and junior high. Host the event at your high school gym but have it sectioned off so that there can be different “classes” and experiences:

Stage make-up application

Costume design

Set design




Dance and movement

Basically any skills that any members Dramacool  of your drama club can offer, can be great for the drama workshop.

Your drama coach and other parents can be involved in orchestrating and supervising the event so that everything runs smoothly. In small groups, plan activities and classes that will be useful in inspiring and teaching aspiring dramatic kids with the above categories. There are so many things you can do.

After ample preparation, publicize the drama workshop. Generate buzz by alerting your local newspapers, the elementary school and junior high newsletters and principals, make flyers and spread the word.

You can sell tickets for workshop admission. This is also a great way to get new attendees for your upcoming dramatic plays and shows, generating even more money for your drama club. You’ll have a whole new fan base and audience.

Make the event meaningful and educational so you have people who want to participate every year. If it goes well, you may be able to offer this drama club fundraiser more than once a year!

Jenny Ann is an expert fundraiser and writes exclusively for ABC Fundraising.


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