Hope – Don’t Leave Home Without It

This is a story about people, addiction, alcoholism, and most importantly about “HOPE”. This is about human beings with a soul, sons and daughters, grandparents, wives, husbands, aunts, and uncles who have given up “HOPE” and self-medicated with drugs, alcohol, sex, food, gambling and a variety of other forms of self-destruction.

The loss Get Xanax Online of “HOPE” and its deepest pain might not be what we have come to expect, the gutter alcoholic or the homeless drug addict. Instead it is the 19-year-old who comes from a good family and has just taken his mother’s last Oxycontin or Xanax. It is the successful lawyer, doctor, or other professional, who is so ashamed of not being strong enough or smart enough to stop on his own. It is the homemaker who manages to get the children to school and the dishes done, but cannot stop drinking for even one evening and embarrasses her family at a social function. All have lost “HOPE”. It is this, the feeling of “HOPElessness,” a tense, sad, almost catatonic sense that nothing can ever get better. This is what brings so many alcoholics and addicts to treatment.

“HOPE” is a feeling of expectation. “HOPE” is a desire for a certain thing to happen! “HOPE” is a belief that you truly can have something that you deeply desire. When you come to alcoholism treatment, the word “HOPE” means to trust, to have faith, to expect something good is going to happen. Therefore, an important part of recovery is restoring “HOPE,” particularly “HOPE” in oneself. “HOPE” is not just for the addict or alcoholic. “HOPE” is for the family.

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