How a Live Bid Online Auction Can Be of Benefit to Gallery Owners

A live bid online auction is more than just a great way to enjoy yourself and indulge your favorite hobby of going to live auctions. It’s also a boon for businesses who deal in antiquities. The problem with antique auctions these days is that more and more people are at least somewhat educated about what’s really valuable and what’s a worthless piece of junk.

Thanks to the Antiques Road Show (and for those who enjoy more British television, the related shows, Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic), people have become very sophisticated about antiques and know what to look for when they go to an auction.

Live Bid Online Auction – The Answer (For Now At Least)

The answer to the problem of an increasingly educated public who wants to bid for antiques and own a piece of history for themselves is (at least for now) the live bid online auction. These types of auctions have existed for a number of years, however, when compared to the more common types of auctions available online such as eBay and penny auctions (where you get charged for the right to place a bid and it becomes more like silent auction ideas a game of chance than a true auction), they are still not as popular. This means that owners of antique galleries have a chance to grab some great bargains.

The Same Quality of Antiques as at Local Auctions

Some small antique gallery owners may be reading this and wondering to themselves, “Okay, I understand that these kinds of auctions can help me to find great objects for my business, but how can I trust them? My customers rely on me to provide them with genuine merchandise and when I make a purchase from these kinds of places, I can’t make that kind of guarantee.”

While it’s true that you often will not have the chance to inspect objects in advance (though you should ask – many places will allow you to visit and inspect objects on request), there are several other kinds of protections in place that will ensure you get what you pay for.

Real Auctioneers, Real Auction Houses

For those who collect antiques seriously and for those who sell antiques for a living, there is nothing worse than accidentally buying or selling a fake object. When you buy such an object on eBay, your options may be somewhat limited. While there are some protections that PayPal offers to their buyers, the protections aren’t designed for the rarefied world of antiques.

However, when you use a live bid online auction house, you are dealing with a real, licensed auction house with real, licensed auctioneers running the bidding. This means that the same kind of legal guarantees that ensure that you have the right to refunds at a traditional auction exist at online auctions.

Packed and Shipped Securely

A final word regarding using a live bid online auction: you may be concerned about breakage when you arrange to have something shipped to your gallery. But remember to keep in mind that you are no longer dealing with amateurs selling something from their living room via eBay. You are working with professional auction houses meaning that your objects will be shipped safely and securely with insurance.

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