How to Quit Smoking Weed – Even If You’ve Failed Before

The first time that a person decides to quit smoking weed they simply make a decision to do so. They start to suffer some unfortunate consequences of their pot smoking — these can be financial, personal or work-related — and they decide that enough is enough. They decide that they want to make something of themselves and they realize that what they have been doing lately could not exactly be described as being productive.

So, what do they do? They simply make a decision. I’m going to quit smoking weed. That’s it.

What almost always happens however is that a person, within a matter of weeks or months, finds themselves smoking marijuana once more. gras online kaufen They may make an excuse or argument for why they went back to smoking pot, but the fact is that once again they are on the couch in the pajamas smoking pot all day.

And they get sick to their stomach thinking about how this could have happened.

The reason that relapse on marijuana occurs is simply. People do not know how to quit smoking weed. As someone who has successfully quit, let me tell you that it is more than simply making a decision. No, it is actually taking action, making a plan, and using tools and support to ensure that you succeed.

Most marijuana users do not like to be labeled marijuana addicts. They get so hung up on the word “addict” that they immediately reject anyone who talks about rehab or twelve step programs. Unfortunately, by being close minded and fearful of a word, they close themselves off to the help that they need. Because there is one thing that people who operate marijuana treatment centers and go to Marijuana Anonymous know, and that is how to quit smoking weed successfully.

So, the question becomes one of wills. Are you so willfully opposed to the term “Addict” that you refuse to help yourself improve your life? The question comes back to you. Are you prepared to sacrifice a little bit of your ego to get the life that you want for yourself.

Think about it.

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