In-Depth Exploration of Modern Library System of the University Of Louisville

The University of Louisville has a very advanced library system that has been branched out into 5 different repositories for the Art, Music, Health Sciences, and Law. While the hours of operation might vary each month the libraries are regularly giving out information online so that you can stay updated.

The Art Library has a lot of collections digital and in printed form so that you can make the best use of what’s out there in the art world. As an art student it is very important to learn history and understand what is your unique style by constant learning and exploration. The Art Library is stocked with thousands of books, collections, artist’ books, DVDs and Videos related to the field.

Some of the collections you can find at the Ekstrom Library are the African-American Collection, Sign Language videos, Bingham Poetry Collection, Current Periodicals, African Cinema, integrated library system Oral History, Map Collections and many more. This library is also stocked with digitized collections, images, videos and multimedia to make your learning a much richer experience.

In case you are pursuing medical sciences then you should visit the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library. Library hours are from 7.30 am to 6 pm Mondays through Fridays. In case you wish to return books on weekends it opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. You will need to access the Minerva Catalog to understand the depth of collections and how you can best use the library as a resource.

There is a lot in store if you are a student learning music. The Music Library at the University is a treasure trove of things you can learn. You have the Grawemeyer Contemporary Music Collection, Sheet music collections and Jean Thomas Collection to help you in your quest.

The law library is to help students pursuing a course at the Louis D. Brandeis Law School. Here you will find the latest journals and law magazines to help you keep abreast with the latest that is happening.

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