Titanium and Tungsten Ring Sales Rise Due To the Sudden Flood of Gay Marriages

On June 16th, 2008, same sex marriages began taking place in California. Prior to May 16th, when a ruling allowing same sex marriages in California took place, gay and lesbian couples were forced to travel elsewhere to marry one another. But as of June 16th, the allowance for same sex marriages began, and wedding bells chimed all over the state.

Many gay and lesbian couples are not sure where to start with choosing wedding rings for each other. A marriage is a lifelong commitment to love, fidelity and each other, and it’s not always easy to select the rings that will symbolize that everlasting bond. This is especially true with marriages that are made between men and men, and women and women, as men tungsten rings opposed to the traditional man and woman marriage. While marriage is certainly a tradition, men marrying other men and women marrying other women is a relatively new thing in terms of being legally able to, so these couples may want to seek out rings that aren’t traditional.

Seeking out a token of your love in an alternative style is now easier than ever with all the new materials and colors offered these days. Metals are being used that were never considered for fine jewelry before. Combinations of different metals can be done with new state of the art technical perfection. The Triton tungsten ring collection is a set worth looking at. From wedding bands to standard rings, these tungsten rings offer sleek profiles that are plain, grooved or inset with intricate designs that are sure to draw the eye. Edward Mirell offers beautiful and brilliant pieces with anodized rainbow ring accent to show your colorful side.

One idea for women is to look at black titanium rings. Titanium is obviously the material used in these rings, though titanium itself is not black: it is a grayish/white color. It is turned black through a process in which Black-Ti is combined with titanium, and temperature and atmospheric conditioning cause the alloy to turn black. Black titanium rings are gorgeous, the Artcarved collection is especially stylish. This line of rings come in plain form, as well as grooves of silver and gold, and even included set diamonds.

For men, black titanium is an option, but another idea to consider is a tungsten ring. Why opt for tungsten? Tungsten is a material that offers rings that are sleek, amazing to look at and durable.

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